How to Repair Windows 7

How to repair windows 7?

Windows 7 is a great operating system, but it also needs the occasional repair, due to corrupt data or some other malware. In this case, you will need to find solutions to repair Windows 7 and learn to reinstall the Windows copy.

A fresh installation is easy, but in this case, you might lose your personal data and user accounts. A simple backup could also be useful but is not always enough. Your computer could have a virus attack or an important system file could be deleted, or there could be a mess in the hard drive partition and the computer no longer boots.

Powerful System Recovery Weapons

It is important to back up the individual files and prepare your arsenal when you want to repair Windows 7, by using the power system recovery weapons. Windows 7 has some important built-in weapons that can provide you with complete security.

All you need is some time and free drive space or just some blank DVDs. You can get peace of mind for such an investment. You can also use software, such as Norton Ghost that will take care of your problems when trying to repair Windows 7.

If you are attempting to repair Windows 7, you will need to find the repair tools. You can click on the start button or on the Windows icon to be seen on the taskbar at the bottom far left.

Next, click on the control panel and go to the System and Security heading. Here, click on the Back up to your Computer. You can also set up a back up for your data here. At the top right corner of the Back-Up, you will need to select from two options, namely, ‘Create a system repair disc’ or ‘Create a system image’. By selecting the system image, will enable you to return the computer to the way it was when you created it.

If you are having problems related to starting up your PC, it can be quite tricky to repair Windows 7. This is because Windows 7 has a complete arsenal of tools for troubleshooting, but they are not of much use if it hasn’t had a chance to load. Startup Repair can be used instead of a complete reinstallation.

Startup Repair starts immediately when Windows 7 detects a startup problem. The tool can help fix problems related to starting up of Windows. In case the Startup Repair does not start on its own, you can go to the System Options menu on the hard disk and start the Startup Repair using the Windows installation disc.

Using Windows Built-in Tools

So, you see, just a single mistake or a problem you encounter while you try to repair doesn’t mean that you have an unusable computer. The Windows 7 has a built-in tool set and with just a few clicks, you can repair Windows.

Before you attempt to do any repair, you must take the precautionary step of backing up all the important files using an external storage device. The repair process will not fail, but it is still a smart idea to have a backup for your data before you repair Windows 7.

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