What Kind of Laptop Should I Get for Teenager

Selection of the best gifts for teenager for their birthday is not an easy task, especially for elderly parents. Anyhow a teen-friendly electronics devices can be a good idea. The gift for a teenager should be a useful and functional item that can help them in educational purpose as well as for entertainment.

In the current technology Era tablets, smartwatches, computers, and laptops are essential for educational purpose to increase the interest of study in teen students. So, the good thing should be computer and laptop for a teenager as a gift on their birthday or any other occasion.

But the main problem for the non-expert people is the selection of the best laptop for a teenager. It is really hard to select the best laptop in 2019, as there are different brands are introducing different models. So if you are facing the problem during research for the best laptop for teen then don’t worry about that.

Why? Because there are some basic and most important points that should be in your mind when you buy a new laptop.    

Things to be noticed when buying a new laptop

Teenagers are persons commonly between 14 to 20 years of age. This is a perfect age to learn something new that can help them in the future. If you want to buy the best laptop for your teenage son as a gift on his birthday then always follow under mentioned requirements before investing:

  • Storage Capacity

Commonly teenager is students and they need laptops for study purpose. The storage capacity of laptop for teen students should be average and they don’t need 1TB or 2TB HDD or SSD storage. The hard disk of 250GB is enough for the students and they can easily store their essential documents, study notes, and some audio lectures.

  • Processor

The performance speed of any laptop computer directly depends on the processor. Intel has introduced their latest 9th Generation i9 processor for super-fast working experience. I am just informing you about the latest technology by Intel, not suggested you buy for your teenager kids. However, you can buy the best laptop at a good price with 6th Generation i5 processor. This processor will work best for teenager students.

  • Random Access Memory

You don’t have the need to invest a huge amount to buy the best laptop for a teenager with 16GB of RAM. Nowadays there are different models of popular laptop brands with 4GB of RAM that is working awesome for normal use as for students and senior old agers.

  • Display Quality

It is not essential to choose a laptop with a large screen and Ultra HD Graphics display just for normal use. If you will go for the high resolution of 3K or 4K display then it will cost you. Keep in mind, always choose anti-glare screen technology for your teenager student for his study purpose. If you are non-expert in laptop selection then you don’t have an idea about anti-glare screen technology. Actually, the anti-glare screen is technology that protects your eyes from spoiling when you work a long time on the laptop. So, it is essential to choose this technology to keep safe your teenager’s eyes.

  • Structure and design

There are different sizes of laptops are available on the market in 2019, some are bulky and heavy but some are lightweight and slim in structure. The best laptop for teenager and students should be always 11-Inch to 13-Inch in screen size. Lightweight and the slim laptop is easy to carry on and students can easily keep it in their school bags.

  • Budget

This is the most important point to keep your eyes on your budget. Always go for that product which you can easily afford. There are several models of laptops are available on the market with different prices as from 200 dollars to 5000 dollars. You can buy the best laptop for children and teenager almost in 300 to 450 dollars from online retailers with good specifications.


By going through this laptop buying guide you can easily understand what kind of laptop is good for teenager students. Follow these instructions and suggestions when you want to buy the best laptop for your children to give him a gift on his birthday.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you and know you can easily select a perfect laptop. Best of luck and keep visiting VaishnavEducation for laptop reviews and buying guides 2019.

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